15 of the Most Incredible Temporary Structure Designs

December 4, 2016

Bold, creative and progressive, temporary structure designs push the boundaries of mainstream architecture, with the ability to wow audiences at festivals, events and expos. These architectural ideas captivate the imagination, rushing towards the future in outstanding displays of creativity. As we look forward to what’s to come, here’s a flashback of 15 of the most incredible temporary structure designs.

  1. 1) UK Pavilion

The pavilion representing the UK at World Expo 2015, revolved around the concept of a beehive. It allowed visitors to follow the dance of a bee, by travelling through a series of landscapes. Nottingham-based Wolfgang Buttress designed the structure, with  Tristan Simmonds and Stage One as manufacturer. Furthermore, the immersive structure included 169,300 individual aluminium components.

  1. 2) Life in Colour Kingdom Stage

Depicting the head of a mythical Lion, the stage at Life in Colour Kingdom is designed to bring the inner-animal out in music fans. As artists perform between the jaws of the colourful beast, it certainly hits its mark at this US-based festival. The massive Lion’s head, with an animated lower jaw, engages with its eyes and uses 3D perspective motion.

  1. 3) Elytra Filament Pavilion

Unveiled at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Elytra Filament Pavilion combined architecture, engineering and biomimicry principles to explore how biological fibre systems transfer to architecture. The garden installation, by architects and engineers at the University of Stuttgart, took inspiration from shells of elytra, otherwise known as flying beetles. Also, in terms of temporary structure designs, this one used a unique, robotic process in construction.

  1. 4) The Secret Kingdom of Melodia Stage

Festival fans wait in excited anticipation of Tomorrowland, not the least for the spectacular stage designs. 2015’s ‘The Kingdom of Melodia’ offered ‘The Castle of Melodia’, as the main stage. Stained glass windows, lush trees and a shimmering, silver façade seduced festival-goers into a real-life fairyland.

temporary structure designs

  1. 5) The Smile

A the London Design Festival in 2016, Alison Brook’s, ‘The Smile’ impressed fans of temporary structure designs. A 34 metre long, 3 metre high upside down arc represented the happy shape, overlooking the urban horizon. In addition, light washed across the curved floor via the two open ends, acting as viewing platforms to the neighbouring landscape.

  1. 6) The Oasis Pavilion

The Oasis Pavilion, by OBBA architects, experimented with space and fluidity. Located on a green garden, it responded to the passing breeze. As a result, beautiful patterns formed and changed via a curtain of white threads. Circular openings, cut from the roof, framed the sky above and visitors experienced a blurred reality of inside and out.

  1. 7) NASA Orbit Pavilion

In the NASA Orbit Pavilion, you’re immersed in the sounds of satellites orbiting in outer space. The idea is based on the concept of listening to the ocean inside a shell. However, when you point in the direction of sounds, you locate the precise location of satellites above.

  1. 8) Big Fish Stage

Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the world and the Do Lab Stage hosts a main part of the action. In 2015, the Big Fish stage exploded in a riot of colour on the horizon. Huge, bright gills of pink, yellow and blue framed the stage and drew excited festival-goers inside.

  1. 9) Jägerhaus

Launched at London’s Field Day Festival, Jägermeister’s touring drinks venue boasts a rustic appeal that’s undeniable. It’s especially relevant, for festival-addicts keen for new bands and DJs. The aluminium framed structure with a mezzanine floor, is the brainchild of Frukt agency, along with Peachy Productions and Mar-Key Group.

  1. 10) The Crystal Village Stage

The 2015 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival, known for its elaborate stages, launched Crystal Village in Kinetic Field. The elements acted as inspiration for the stage design. As a result, earth, wind, fire and air came alive via 1000 lighting fixtures, 40 lasers, 15 confetti blowers, 22 flame units and a waterfall.

temporary structure designs

  1. 11) World’s Largest Sauna

Built for SALT festival in Norway, ‘Agora’ is the world’s largest sauna. The portable, triangular building is made for travel throughout the Arctic Circle. Conceived to seat up to 150 people during the festival, the massive timber structure acts like an amphitheatre. Most importantly, there’s a bar to keep guests cool in the heat.

  1. 12) Serpentine Pavilion Temporary Structure Designs

The Serpentine Pavilion is an international site for temporary architectural experimentation. The 15th was designed by Spanish architects, selgascano. A polygonal structure with multi-coloured panels, visitors passed through a secret corridor to enter the pavilion’s interior. Inside, the lighting effect shone brilliantly, like stained glass.

  1. 13) Yure Pavilion

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed ‘Yure’, a climbable structure based on small nomadic shelters. Assembled using traditional Japanese carpentry techniques, it opened at Jardin des Tuileries, in Paris. From one angle, it appeared closed and complex, however, the opposite view displayed an open, lattice pattern.

  1. 14) Spider Stage

Arcadia Spectacular’s ‘spider stage’ as seen at Ultra Music Festival, is a futuristic, fire-spitting experience. The audience enjoys a 360 degree vantage point of the spider. Laser’s, pyrotechnics and movable limbs add to the electric vibe of festival DJ beats, therefore creating a fully immersive production.

  1. 15) Circular Pavilion

Architecture studio, Encore Heureux built a pavilion called ‘The Circular Pavilion”, though there’s absolutely nothing round about it. First located outside Paris’s city hall, the façade is made from reclaimed doors and recycled insulation. Therefore, the name describes the process of which one person’s waste becomes another’s resource. Inside, the space offers reclaimed wooden chairs and each material lives its own story.

Finally, as unfettered thinking leads to new innovations in temporary structure designs, the world is set to discover exciting progression in architecture. Keep your eyes peeled.

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