5 Creative Summer Corporate Event Ideas

January 27, 2017

Thinking outside the box is the key to a successful summer corporate event. Hiring a design team specialising in corporate events is one way to ensure success.

Whether you’re activating a brand or improving company morale, let’s take a look at 5 creative corporate event ideas, to get you started ahead of the summer party season.

  1. Use Bespoke Set and Prop Design

A bespoke set design at your summer corporate event is a fantastic way to increase engagement. A unique stage design for your venue creates atmosphere, practical solutions and advertising opportunities. The trick is to approach your event  from an original angle, to provide something new for attendees.

Effective set design can help brand your event, to suit your company vision? Revolve décor around the colours of your company logo and invest in bespoke prop design to create individual pieces that highlight your brand.

Props can provide practical solutions and enhance the overall appearance of your venue. Custom-made bars, chairs and tables for example help get your branding across.

2. Alfresco Catering at your Summer Corporate Event

When it comes to catering at your summer corporate event why not break the mould. There are many different options ranging from gourmet BBQs through to traditional formats however thinking differently can really add to the experience.

Food trucks, pop-up street food and festival style traders are a great way to offer guests a varied menu. There are many companies specialising in providing catering in this format.

3. Design Your Own Venue

For larger budgets, you might want to consider designing your own venue. A good production company will be able to help create a bespoke event space. Event infrastructure, bars, furniture and creative production can all be incorporated into your venue design to ensure a truly memorable experience for you and your guests. First, you will need a plot of land to build your venue on. A good place to start is by researching carparks & green spaces which are often available for hire.

Once you have secured your location, you can start to plot the features you would like to include at your event. As this approach is completely bespoke, an event can be tailor made to your exact requirements.

4. Use Temporary Event Structures for Impact

After you have selected your outdoor location you will want to consider which temporary event structures are best for your requirements, theme or event format.

A multi-level structure for example, will provide additional space for high capacity events, shelter from the elements and functional spaces for lounge areas, dance floors and entertainment. Why not brand your temporary structure for marketing purposes? Company colours, logos and tag lines can really help highlight your brand.

5. Create a Memorable Theme

This is a great way to make your event stand out during the summer party season. An original theme will give your event character and ensure it is truly memorable. A festival theme for example is a fantastic option for a summer corporate event. Use creative production to create the look and feel and programme your entertainment with an enviable line up across multiple stages, tents and arenas for maximum effect.

By adding a rich selection of arts, crafts, music, food and entertainment to your event will ensure there is something for every taste.




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