Be inspired by the Festival of Light….

February 9, 2012


As the bright, twinkling lights that filled our streets and lit up the December skies fade into distant memory. We at Halo always find ourselves wondering why the excitement of Christmas is followed by a dreary and dull January. However, across the pond, in the medieval town of Ghent in Belgium, this is certainly not case.

The historic charm and beautiful architecture lures travelers form afar to enlighten their spirits as the destination comes alive with the recent opening of the Ghent festival of Lights. The town becomes a spectacle for 500,000 pairs of eyes, as the town celebrates its second successful year as artists and visualizer’s fill the city with visual and audio pleasures.

The Halo Group The festival of light


The theme of 2012 was to explore ‘happiness’. Ghent sets the stage to 29 light artists, musicians and visualizers, to showcase their talents across 5km of the town’s architectural wonders. The audio-visual extravaganza exhibits some truly unbelievable sights.

The highlight of the festival (literally high light) being displayed on the Romanesque St.Bavos Cathedral, where 55, 000 LEDS’s reached an almighty 92f height, completely covering this truly epic attraction. The beautiful work of a family ran Italian company, Lumanire De Cagna, was lit throughout the entirety of the festival and amazingly only used up 20kh of energy.


The other installations that really captured our attention where the origami illuminated birds by Pitaya and the aquarium phone box, look out for one in the new Halo offices!




















We are already planning our trip next year to brighten up our January but in the meantime be sure to check out the other masterpieces that were on show:

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