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February 17, 2017

Exhibition Stand Design

The Halo Group specialises in exhibition stand design & temporary event structure design. The following blog highlights some of our core products and services and their applications.

The Halo Group owns a unique steel build system, which we have been developing over the past 6 years. Our modular event structures can be built to almost any size or configuration. Made up of many different lengths of lightweight RSJ beams the system connects together quickly and efficiently, reducing build times on site.



This system is simple to clad and offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of production and finish. Stud work can easily be built into our frames to support cladding. This creates a blank canvas for our production team to work with.



From a branding perspective, the system is highly versatile. It can be clad in almost any material or finish to achieve the look and feel required by our clients. Our multi award-winning production team is highly experienced in working with our system and capable of building highly creative exhibition stand designs  for our clients, exhibition bars  for show organisers and mezzanine viewing platforms which are perfect for a wide range of event infrastructure uses.


The system can also be built over multiple levels, thus increasing the usable floor space within any given footprint.


Our clients often use the ground floor for product display with a dedicated meeting hub on the top deck.


Our temporary event structure product range is comprehensive with many different standard and bespoke formations available. Our system can be hired as a frame so other production companies and suppliers can clad and finish their stands themselves or alternatively we can offer a turnkey service from 3D visuals and design through to structure build, cladding and all production.

For more information on our unique system and our exhibition stand design services you can visit our sister site Creative Structure here. Alternatively, you can contact us on our office line 0207 870 3210.


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