Cath Kidston – Experiential

November 17, 2013

On Thursday 4th December Cath Kidston launched her new store in Piccadilly, and to celebrate the opening Cath Kidston gave London a giant Christmas present.

The Halo Group were approached by agency ‘Mission London’ on behalf of their client Cath Kidston to design and build the days activity. Using our bespoke creative structure as a framework we built a skeletal frame that would later be clad by our production team.


Our prefabricated exterior panels were painstakingly and carefully manoeuvred into position by the production team forming the outer shell of the activation.


Once the frame work was built, our special effects and bespoke fabrication team installed the release mechanism that would allow the present sides to simultaneously drop down for the dramatic reveal, and our bespoke fabricators fitted the giant bow and gift tag which we ingeniously created from a 65 inch plasma screen. This created the aesthetic look for the activation, but there was more to come…

2013-12-05 07.31.10

As the countdown began, and the sides of the present cascaded down in perfect sync the gathered crowd cheered as two fully branded Cath Kidston taxi cabs drove out of the present followed by an accompanying matching fleet to take members of the public directly to the flagship store.




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