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April 22, 2015

Creative Agency Halo Win Award

Creative Agency The Halo Group is proud to announce that we scooped “Best Brand Activation Event” at The Event Production Awards 2015. 

Rewind 12 months. We are graciously networking the room at the Lancaster Hotel at the Event Production Awards 2014.  Anxious, er, yes. Excited, certainly. Could 2014 be our year? After being seated, several coveted categories pass by, then we’re up. The memories from that point are blurry at best and in no part compounded by the empty bottles of complimentary wine on the table, but sure enough, we won “Best Production Team 2014” The successful entry was our “Bunker” design for GlobalGathering Festival, and looking back it’s still one of the finest examples of our work.


Fast Forward a year, and we are back to our winning ways, with another award for our work on the Williams Martini F1 activation, for which we scooped “Best Brand Activation Event”. Although a different category, many of the same hard working members of our team worked on the delivery, therefore reinforcing our production credentials for the year ahead. What many people may not realise is that we achieved both these results using the same unique solution…our modular steel build system.


Our structure system is made up of many different lengths of steel beam and can be built in any formation or to fit any footprint. It can be even be built over multiple levels and has a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to cladding, finishes and production. Both the Bunker and the Martini activations utilised the same kit but the difference in appearance was down to how we re-imagined its application. For Martini, we moved away from the traditional structure framework more commonly used at festivals and opted for a completely bespoke hexagon shaped design, perfectly attuned to Martini Global’s experiential vision. Another common factor across these two events was our production team and specialist partners. Together, we are proud to boast a team that is able to create these award winning, show stopping creations. Our results on the Williams Martini stand reinforce this.




So what does winning our second award mean to us? Other than the recognition for all our hard work, we hope it will instil confidence in potential clients so we can work directly with more brands in the future. The Halo Group are proud to partner with many of the UK and the world’s finest agencies such as Exposure Promotions (Martini) Bigger & More (Tuborg) This Is Mission (Lumia) and Saatchi&Saatchi (Fridge Raiders) to name but a small selection. We have successfully developed a niche for our business providing in-house design, production, bespoke prop manufacturing and set -build services as well as our unique modular system. The ability to be able to take a brief, develop a solution and physically create the end result has positioned The Halo Group with a genuine USP that allows us to work hand in hand with these agencies. We would never wish to change this and long may these partnerships flourish, but there are still many brands that are not on the portfolio’s of these treasured clients and it is these companies we are targeting. It is our hope that by winning this award these brands will be given the confidence to work with us directly more often.


The night itself was a lot of fun. Award shows are not just for gaining plaudits and networking. They provide us with a valuable opportunity to get all the key members of our team together without the pressure of “going live” or “signing off” on their minds. The Halo family is unique. Some of the senior members have known each other for 30 years, with many others firm friends for half of that time. We break the mould and prove working with friends does work and as such we have forged a unique culture within the business. The newer additions to our office have come from all across the industry, individually bringing their expertise and skills to complete our award winning team. It is this dynamic that generates the passion and creativity prevalent in our deliveries and is something we are extremely proud of. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff, suppliers, clients and support network for helping us to another great achievement.

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