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May 14, 2015

Everyone at The Halo Group loves creativity and creative design. This is evident in everything we do, from our in-house designs through to our interpretations of our clients’ briefs and their subsequent deliveries. The following blog gives an insight into the inner workings of our agency and how we keep our fingers on the pulse. 

The creative agency market is as tough as any to succeed in. There are many great agencies in London alone. Globally, there are countless more. This fast paced industry attracts many talented individuals so to really make a statement, you need to ensure you keep up to date with all things creative. This is an incredibly broad subject covering art, design, architecture, video, photography, performance, events and many more disciplines. Every week we do a creative round up, identifying some of the most exciting projects from around the world.


Take this incredible pavilion design which featured at the “Expo Milan 2015”. The Halo Group provides its clients with specialist exhibition design and build services so we really understand the level of skill that has gone into this striking build. You can find out more about our specialist exhibition design and build projects on our website here:

Many more pavilions at the Milan Expo make a similarly bold statement.
38_ExpoFrance 55_ExpoPoland 03_ExpoItalia

We cover many similar projects and much more on our Google+ page. Visit us now to find out more.

The things that truly interest us are not always on this grand scale. Often it’s the finer details that really catch our eye, especially in our creative round-up sessions. Here at The Halo Group we believe it is often many small details within a design that, when brought together make the bigger picture. With this in mind, we love to look more closely at other peoples projects and often it is the materials that are in use that excite us!


This amazing exhibition design from Swarovski at Baselworld – The Watch and Jewellery Show is a fantastic example. It’s a really premium finish.


At the same show, Bulgari opted for this metallic copper effect with equal impact and wow factor.


Here, Maurice Lacroix offers a different but equally impressive style. The fluid lines really bring their exhibit to life and illustrate how incorporating interesting design features into activations can really make a statement.

Having said this, beautiful results are not confined to using premium materials and high-end design.


These oil drums represent this perfectly. Old, rusty and to many probably useless but to a creative production company like The Halo Group- they are gold dust! When assembled into an installation like this we think they look great.The colours and the repetition of the same item really create something special.

This uniformity works for us but at the other end of the spectrum you can achieve similarly impactful effects.


Take these mismatched tiles we found during one of our creative round up sessions. Bold, daring and truly vivid, when brought together they really work well. If you were presented with these constituent parts you might think they really don’t go together, but they do. Having an eye for this detail is something we pride ourselves on here at The Halo Group so this particular project struck a cord with us.

Using interesting or unique materials is another obsession of ours at T.H.G. Often these are used in conjunction with other elements such as light for example.


This dichroic film vinyl design is a great example. We love the way it plays with the light spectrum. Other designers have taken things a step further.


This dichroic glass for example really shows the effectiveness of using this material. Its iridescent properties are really quite beautiful. We have whole boards dedicated to inspirational use of materials on our Halo Group Pinterest page. Follow us here to find out more:

Other techniques can also give a similar result. On one side, this tunnel’s triangular panels seem completely black; from the other end, a multicoloured spectrum shines through. This really is an amazing use of acrylic and acrylic mirrors by Studio Olafur Eliasson. We love to post other artists work on our Facebook profile, visit us here to see this and many other amazing pieces of work:



So far in this blog we have mainly focused on design led stories but here at The Halo Group we are equally passionate about finding bizarre, unique and interesting stories, projects and artists from around the world. We regularly post these on our social media pages as sources of inspiration.


Take this abstract piece by Phillip K Smith III. This old shack in the Californian desert has been  transformed by strips of mirror. It’s a simple yet effective idea. This was a big hit with our festival production team. Images like this are very popular on our Twitter feed. Follow us today and get regular information on things that inspire us:

We also loved this short video entitled “Retrowave” from Florian Renner. Anything creative, no matter what the discipline, style or format can give us inspiration and that’s what makes our business tick.

We hope you have enjoyed todays blog. Don’t forget to follow us on our individual social media profiles or you can get all our updates in one concise feed at

The Halo Group x


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