Creative Installation

June 17, 2016

Last winter, The Halo Group designed & built a creative installation in the form of a nine-hole crazy golf course in the Waterloo Vaults for Birdies, London’s very own subterranean golfing experience. This summer, our course has returned to London in a new alfresco format at Rooftop Film Club’s Stratford site “Roof East”.


Roof East is an urban park located atop the Stratford Shopping Centre. With unique views overlooking the Olympic Park, guests will be able to enjoy a whole range of great food, drinks, games and of course iconic movie moments as the sun sets over London. Guests can enjoy all manner of fresh drinks designed by urban mixologists Spirited Mixers, as well as regular live music and events around the rooftop. RockaDollar will also be serving an array of pimped up posh-dogs with seriously special toppings.



The Halo Group’s course comes complete with loops, quarter-pipes, hidden putt-off challenges and even a dramatic elevated drop on to the sixth hole. Fabricated in-house by The Halo Group the course adds an entertaining element to Rooftop Film Club’s highly successful format. The overall look and feel of the install takes inspiration from industrial design, with different metal textures and materials used across the production to create an authentic finish.







The Halo Group is well known for pop-up design, but when we were asked last year to design a Crazy Golf course, that was a first for us. A project like this is about much more than aesthetics, requiring precision design to create a range of different functional and entertaining course holes. The Birdies winter incarnation at The Vaults was a huge success so we were really pleased to be invited back to work with the organisers for the summer series at their flagship venue. This project has involved our in-house design team, our specialist prop fabricators, set builders, production team, scenic painters and many other members of our creative team.

Rooftop Film Club


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