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April 22, 2014

Creative Lighting

Light as a medium and creative lighting play a major role in perception and expression which is why it is so influential in both our production and in the rich plethora of artistic work from other creative folk in our industry and far beyond.


Artist Ross Manning for example explores this through his work, which includes the interplay of light installations and sound that, when combined immerse audiences in sensory experiences like no other. In a recent interview with The Creators Project Ross asserted that “There’s such an easy transition from music to light, they’re both frequencies, have that omnidirectional thing, and can fill a room. They share a lot of the same vocabulary”.


Ross uses technology to express these two mediums in a way we can fully identify with as a creative events agency. His up coming showcase at “Dark Mofo” in Tasmania will see him transform two spaces, the first being previously used to house convicts and the second to host satanic cult worshipers both of which he plans to juxtapose with a “pure, joyous, light” installation.  This is a great example of how light can be used to transform spaces, carry messages and create impact.

Light is such a simple, yet highly versatile tool. It has the ability to create moods & atmospheres. It can transform a blank canvas at the flick of a switch. In a world of projection mapping, high tech equipment and stunning visuals, light in it’s simplest form can be arguably as effective. Take these images of a walkway at Miami Airport for example.

Miami Airport 1

Using coloured glass the internal structure is bathed in a multicoloured rainbow effect thats beautiful and visually eye-catching. This demonstrates how light can be easily used to create dramatic effects.

Miami Airport image 3

Here at The Halo Group, we love using light and lighting in it’s many guises. Extrapolating this concept a little further, Mirrors are another tool that play off light and its properties through “reflection”. In partnership with Nicholas Alexander, we’ve recently used multi faceted mirrored surfaces to create the “Celtra” stand at a recent exhibition. Up against stiff competition from the likes of Twitter, our design really stood out against the crowd with its reflective properties and interesting lines.


Again, another recent creation from The Halo Group came from a brief from another one of our clients, London based agency This Is Mission. This saw us use a similar technique to create an infinity walk way to mark the opening of the Lu Lu Lemon store. Here we played off reflection again to create an “infinity walk way” illusion to fantastic effect.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 16.51.37

This shows what can be achieved from simple reflective surfaces but what potential does this technique have? Recently we came across this fantastic example on this design studio’s website;

Chinese studio, Prism Design has simulated a never ending passage with illuminated LED lights to create the stunning “infinity bamboo forest” pictured below. By combining mirrored & luminous materials, different lighting techniques and design the end product is phenomenal.

Infinity Bamboo Forest Image 2





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