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March 17, 2016
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Festival Bars

The Halo Group has launched a new range of temporary structures with a new price positioning that will compete with traditional marquees & event bars this summer.

We recently launched our sister site to offer our clients a dedicated temporary structure hire service with a focus on our steel.The following blog highlights some of our new products on offer.


Here at The Halo Group we have invested heavily in the development of our unique modular steel build system over the past 5 years. Our temporary structures feature regularly within the festival, sporting event, hospitality, exhibition and experiential marketing sectors. Prior to 2016, our offering was positioned as a premium option more suited to high-end projects, major brand activations and other similar campaigns.




screen_shot_2016-03-17_at_093802Our new range of structures is aimed at providing our system to clients who do not need the high specifications of some of our more complex builds such as bar providers, pop-up food traders and similar clients but who still want a premium finish and a high degree of production and branding flexibility. Our steel can be used for almost any sized project from small bespoke jobs right up to very high footfall bars.



Standard marquees and gazebos are frequently used in the festival and outdoor event market. They are simple to build, easily scalable and can service large footfalls, often making them a logical choice for many organisers. We aim to change this landscape by offering a new competitive solution to the market in the form of our new modular steel formations.



screen_shot_2016-03-17_at_093707We are passionate about the advantages our new formations offer our clients. Because the system is modular, it is also scalable and can be built to any size, configuration or footprint. When it comes to branding, production and finishing this is where our offering really excels. The system is easy to clad, thus making it far more versatile for branding purposes. The ability to customise our designs enables our clients to make all of the structures on their site fully on brand – something that is not easily achieved with traditional marquees. Every panel can be clad with an unlimited variety of finishes.



Furthermore, infrastructure such as lighting, heating, cooling, screens and a wide range of other features can be easily secured to the steel frame thus offering a more robust solution for many purposes. Our structures offer improved security, durability and protection from the elements.

For more information on our new range of steel products, please call 0207 870 3210 or alternatively email





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