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September 1, 2014

Festival Stage Design – GlobalGathering

The Halo Group teamed up with MAMA Group and GlobalGathering this summer as creative production partners to deliver a range of festival stage design services at the event. After 4 successful years working in partnership with the festival, this year the bar was raised once more with our most exciting project to date.  

Each year the creative production grows with bigger, bolder and more impactful designs that make up the “Global Identity”. This year saw a multi area delivery that stood head and shoulder above all previous years.


Since it’s creation in 2010 the VIP has evolved year on year, each time giving guests a richer and richer experience. Today, the VIP Woodlands is one of the most popular destinations areas across site, representing an immersive environment and social hub for Global die-hards and regulars. From the moment guests entered the space, Halo’s trade mark design was instantly recognisable with an “infinity mirror” entrance archway.


Moving inside, the stunning visual impact continued. Here, our award winning production team enjoyed the blank canvas the woodland area provided, lavishly embellishing the space with pockets of stunning production features. From illuminated lampshades in trees & colourfully wrapped tree trunks to beautifully crafted log style seating booths and mini tree houses dotted around the clearing, all complete with a fully booked VIP hot tub service, the woodland was a perfect relaxing refuge under the tree canopies. Trees were bathed in bright colour washes that brought the woodland to life during night hours, incorporating 100’s metres of fairy lights, coloured LED’s, pendants & disco balls.


Wood tunnel


As well as it’s creative design aspects, the VIP Woodland’s main focal point was the “Hub Club”, a temporary structure designed & built by The Halo Group. This amazing two tier structure featured music programmed by DJ Mag, a dance floor and bar area hosting late night parties and a chill out lounge area and second indoor garden bar on the top tier. Once again, our production team provided the backdrop to proceedings, designing a metal cage style DJ booth and wood clad finish to to main structure tying in the overall design with its surroundings.

DJ Mag


In the main arena,  the return of “The Bunker” saw exciting developments with production of a scenic set courtyard and Jagermeister sponsored garden bar.  Designed & built by The Halo Group, authentic scenic paint finishing and styling was employed to deliver an arena that looked like it had laid undiscovered for years on Long Marston Airfield. With layered urban artwork from London artists Any Surface’s, Will Vibes and Josh Stika delivered bespoke designs for Jagermeister and Berlin street style inspired artwork around the courtyard.


Inside this intimate 300 capacity venue, the visual impact and ground breaking design continued. Working in partnership with Superbros & Production Manager Matt Harriman, the otherwise pitch black interior was dramatically illuminated by our projection mapped bespoke DJ booth to create an immersive clubbing experience. Check out this You Tube video for some of the action during the live event.


Just a stone’s throw away in the main arena, the return the Global Freight Depot delivered an impactful outdoor arena. Using modified shipping containers, The Halo Group created an industrial styled enclosure which featured a bespoke DJ booth high above the crowd. This relatively simple design created some of the best moments from this years event, drawing praise from festival goers and the organisers alike.


We installed a state of the art lighting rig and D&B PA system which produced one of the punchiest audio visual results at the festival. The atmosphere at The Container Stage was electric, once again cementing it’s place at the festival for years to come.


The Halo Group are proud to produce all of GlobalGatherings bespoke arena’s as well as continuously developing the festivals brand identity. Each year, the brief expands and grows in line with clients and festival goers expectations. Our partnership with the GG, and its owners MAMA Group is without a doubt on of the most exciting features in our yearly calendar. Huge thanks go out to our talented production build team for another successful delivery, and the team at MAMA and Global. Watch this space for more details ahead of our 2015 coming soon.

Here’s a few more images from the event:

The Global Identity


The Artists Bar

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.08.39


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