Netflix, Future Tech & The Halo Group

August 14, 2015

The Halo Group recently organized a show premier event for Exposure Promotions on behalf of their client Netflix to celebrate the launch of the online streaming services series Orange Is The New Black. The following blog details some of the highlights, which included a worlds first in future tech! 

The brief from Netflix was to create a fully immersive and engaging experience for the 200 attending VIP guests at the Season 3 launch party of Orange is the New Black. The Halo Group provided venue finding, production, staffing, branding, AV, catering and bar services at the event.





We also partnered with EventBeat who provided technical services including a branded screencast for the Netflix Twitter & Instagram Feeds. In addition to this, EventBeat showcased its newest platform feature, an integration of live video streaming through the mobile app Periscope, which was projected onto large video screens. This groundbreaking piece of development is the first of its type used around the world at a live event. Periscope has historically been a device-to-device medium where feeds could be viewed between smart phones, ipads and so forth but projecting this content onto a video screen had not been attempted before. EventBeat provided this solution, perfectly illustrating our two companies’ commitment to staying at the forefront of event innovation.


EventBeat ensured an incredibly smooth transition within the social feed at the event. As a huge stream of social activity was flowing through the numerous screens dotted around the venue, the content seamlessly integrated to connect with a sister launch event for the same series in New York. As participants broadcast their live video streams via the Periscope app this was projected directly onto the screens located at the London venue – thus connecting the two launch parties and creating an interactive immersive environment in the process.


Used as an override feature, the Periscope feed was programmed to take control of the screens regardless of the content being screened at the time. This meant live streaming from the New York event took priority as soon as it was required to. The stream appeared at a prearranged time on the screen before transitioning straight back to the social feed. A separate social feed was on the screens illustrating tweets purely from their verified accounts. There was also a feed for any comments relating to the launch of the television series effortlessly blending the two feeds.



This new piece of technology and development can totally transform the future of the events industry. Utilizing the Periscope app can help to expand the reach and impact of events to a wider audience, increasing the exposure of a particular brand or occasion. Similarly, live video streaming could also be used to promote products or services in the retail sector, as well as creating announcements to notify users of upcoming activities. Fans of a brand who cannot be present at an event for example can now feel more connected than ever before. Live video streaming can be used as the ultimate event engagement tool, uniting the brand and its followers to create a more personal relationship.

As a business, The Halo Group is committed to staying ahead of the curve and offering our clients innovative and cutting edge solutions. Our partnership with EventBeat perfectly mirrors this commitment and resulted in a fantastic delivery for Netflix and Exposure Promotions.

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