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January 20, 2014

After 2 previous deliveries, in 2013 The Halo Group were approached by retained client Global Gathering to undertake a site wide production contract. The festival organizers had merged with industry heavy weights MAMA group with a view to rebranding and evolving the festival and had solicited our services to create a new identity that would enhance the festivals image and the experience it offers its faithful regulars. The festival have always championed world class artist line up’s, but the management wanted to present this in a more creative format, replacing big tops with bespoke structure builds, arena’s and site wide production features. Enter The Halo Group…   1061-GG-VIP 2013-map3   Following the brief our creative team set about designing a range of exciting new areas for the festival. Our first design saw the creation of “The Bunker”, a brand new bespoke structure inspired by a raw, industrial theme that would later be carried out across site with our other arena designs. Construction started in our work shop in pre fabricated sections that would later be assembled on site.


The Bunker exterior took inspiration from street art with its rugged concrete exterior providing the perfect canvas for our in house graffiti artists to add authenticity and character in line with the theme. The resulting aesthetics of the exterior boasted an authentic look and feel.


The interior featured a uniform black finish from floor to ceiling with linear LED strip lighting inset into the cladding to create geometric shapes and grid lines, in an almost “Tron” like effect. To accentuate the effect, a world-class laser and lighting installation created a completely immersive environment that formed the perfect backdrop for the festivals “Future Gods” musical programing schedule.

IMG_4425  969396_10151629089799755_139698662_n

Continuing our industrial theme, The Global Freight Container Stage saw the creation of a bespoke two-story stack of shipping containers. We modified each container, welding mount points in strategic points to each unit so as to achieve a “brick wall” style construction formation. This pioneering method allowed us more artistic control, a better aesthetic and more entertaining experience for all. freight-web

Regarded as one of the festivals biggest success stories, The Freight Depot stage demonstrated perfectly how creative stage design coupled with world class music can really enhance festival goers experiences, raising the profile of the festival exponentially in the process.


In addition to our main dance arenas, hidden amongst the tree-tops  we created another structure complex -the community HUB CLUB. Consisting of two bespoke tree-houses, the retreat housed low-level Bedouin cushions a VIP area, dance court yard and extended chill out zone. The construction method utilised our unique modular steel structure, as displayed in the pictures below and then clad in painted pallets.


The finished result, saw two 10mx10m two story tree houses interconnected, that formed the core of the Hub Club


Nestled amongst the trees we installed yet another exciting addition to the festival, “GLOBAL SPRINGS”. This woodland mini spa provided a relaxing refuge of luxury wooden hot tubs complete with solar showers, teepee hang outs and hammocks.


Of course the Hub Club structure may have been the beating heart of the action but it was the many smaller production touches that really brought this area of the festival to life. With gilt frame doorways and spangled tree trunks dotted about the landscape to hanging lampshades and bric-a-brac dangling from the tree canopy, every twist and turn brought fresh surprise. To accentuate the effect, multi coloured spectrums of lights bathed the foliage, refracting prisms of dazzling light across the space-bouncing off vintage mirrors, disco balls and other shiny trinkets full of charter and charm . Bespoke wooden chill out beds, hammocks, colourful draping, wind chimes, and a plethora of oddities extended the magical touch almost as far as the eye could see, thus creating a secret hedonistic playground for adults, nestled far away from the throng on the main festival.





The VIP Fields  have evolved further this year. Here we designed a place to enjoy delicious food and drink in a spacious and exclusive environment. Assuming a fort-like position in the middle of the fields the addition of ADVENTURE ISLAND provided a place to let your inner child run free. Complete with den-huts for group hideouts, ladders and mini drawbridges, this centre piece is a natural meeting spot made up of open decking with bright sleeper benching housed by stretched canopies high above.






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