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November 14, 2013

The wonderful festival that is LeeFest was born in 2006, when Lee Denny’s parents went on holiday and left the house unmanned, perfect timing for a mini festival in the garden. Starting with only a few hundred people attending, the festival now coming up to its ninth year now boasts a modest 2000 attendees

 LeeFest is an entirely non-profit festival, meaning that all of the money received through tickets and food and drink is spent on running the festival and all excess money is donated to charity, fantastic in today’s economic climate.

It’s held on a small working farm in Kent and is an hour away from London Victoria making it fast and easily accessible. It was created by Lee Denny, who was named as one of the most influential people in 2012’s‘Time Out Culture 100.’ His selflessness and drive to make money for charity and to keep LeeFest progressing is made apparent by the success of the festival year after year.

When it comes to this independent festival, there is a strong sense of unity and celebration. People are encouraged to get involved in the fun whether they are coming to enjoy the festival or are the organisers of the event itself.  It also adopts the “leave no trace” philosophy that other festivals such as Glastonbury stand by. At The Halo Group, the environment and recycling are always hot topics of conversation as our production team try to reuse every material that we can when putting our briefs and builds together. It is an important philosophy that we want to encourage more people to carry out.

The organisers have shown that they want the festival to grow in every way, but do not want to compromise the quality of it. Project #GrowLeeFest was created this summer to raise £50,000 so that the festival could grow to 5000 attendees with no sponsors or corporate investors.

Having successfully raised this amount of money, they can now continue as a non-profit festival comfortably, while the money that is made from each year of the festival is split between growing the festival and donations to charity. What better incentive for buying a festival ticket.


LeeFest is entirely run by volunteers. People are given the opportunity to work in an array of different jobs from building the site, to stewarding, to just about anything you can think of; the theme of charity and unity ever present.

Unsigned artists are also given a chance to perform amongst the professionals, allowing the learning process of the music industry to work its’ magic.

LeeFest now donate any extra money that they make each year to KidsCo exclusively. Kids Co work closely with vulnerable children, reaching 36,000 and intensively supporting 18,000 children across London, giving them any help needed.This admirable cause really does make LeeFest that much more special.

From artists such as Dark Sky, Man Like Me, to Ghostpoet and the infamous Bastille playing previously, LeeFest has an eclectic line up that would appeal to anyone and everyone. The comedy will have you laughing your head off, maybe you prefer the swing dance lessons, or you could even go all out and have a paint fight. The list of things to do is endless.


Here at The Halo Group, we feel that this festival will be one to look out for in the future, not that it hasn’t already established itself. Its charitable structure and general all round feel good vibe surely will pave the way for the festival to grow bigger and bigger in the years ahead.

We are eagerly anticipating the announcement of when the festival will be in 2014 and are all aiming to join in with the fun loving LeeFest next year. 

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