Make with a Red Stripe….

April 20, 2012


Red Stripe launched a unique campaign… ‘Make with a Red Stripe‘ with sound artist Yuri Suzuki, in collaboration with DJ Al Fingerssinger/songwriter Gappy Ranks and designer Matthew Kneebone they created a series of cultural projects cel­ebrating the DIY culture of the brand’s Jamaican roots.

Starting with the cans partly collected at this year’s Notting Hill carnival….











…the artists set about creating a towering fully functioning sound sculpture, drawing inspiration from, bass heavy Jamaican sound systems.
















……..the video shows how they put together their masterpiece…..




….. The sound installation was just the beginning, they also recruited British street artists Filthy Luker, who recreated a scene from a classic 80’s arcade game, on a Manchester City bilboard using plastic road barriers and road work equipment….


















…the artwork then comes to life with LED lights when anyone presses a button on the


















Using everyday materials in such a eye-catching way, to see them differently and changing our perception to create such a unique piece of art, really caught our eye. There is inspiration everywhere and Red Stripe have used some great collaborators on their campaign. Visit to see more.



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