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July 3, 2015

Our Modular Structure

As the marketing director of our multi-award winning creative agency I often blog about the amazing end results we deliver as a business, but this really is only part of the story. Behind the scenes there’s a lot more than meets the eye going on. The following blog details some of the key elements that have contributed to The Halo Group’s success including our unique modular structure. 

For want of a better analogy, a recipe is only as good as the ingredients you use and the chef that prepares it. Here at The Halo Group, our recipe for success is simple. In our modular steel build system, we have access to the best raw materials to create. In our specialist structure build team, we have a highly skilled crew.


Our structure underpins many of the projects we undertake at THG. In its simplest form it is comprised of many different lengths of RSJ beams and connectors. It can be built in almost any configuration and to fit most designs. Akin to a giant Mechano set, our steel provides us with a highly versatile system to build and create.




From rustic festival bars to premium branded activations, what the public sees is the polished article but behind the veneer there’s a simple, effective and highly functional infrastructure that makes the production and finishing possible.



In many ways, it’s this simplicity that underpins the system’s success. With multiple different lengths of beam on offer, our in-house design team can create modular solutions to fit most briefs.

The system’s tensile strength means that it can be used just as easily as a mezzanine floor as it can be for a traditional temporary structure, seen for example through our previous delivery for TimeBased Events at The GQ Awards.


It’s high degree of flexibility also gives us the freedom to create strikingly different configurations as we did for Exposure Promotions on the Martini-Williams Formula One tour in 2014. This flexibility isn’t commonly found in alternative temporary structure systems. This really gives us the leading edge, especially from the point of view of both our designers and our production team.


Our system is not restricted to our production projects alone. The Halo Group also hire to a broad portfolio of clients. Due to its versatility, the system is just as suited to the indoor exhibition market as it is to festivals and sporting events. Many of our clients have hired the frame from us, then taken on the production themselves. It’s easy to use, quick to erect and creates a blank canvas to work with. With an M16 bolthole at every 30cm, the beams can support any production element, from lighting, sound and audio visual equipment, to walls, branding, creative installations and more.


The other side of this coin is our specialist build crew coupled with our production partners. Whether building on our own projects or when hiring out the system, our build crew are experts in the field. Through their knowledge we are able to save our clients’ valuable budget through efficient build techniques. Without them, its just a lump of metal.




The final piece of the jigsaw comes courtesy of our award-winning production team. Their ability to make every build we do unique is testament to their passion and also our structure’s ease of use. Our creative team perfectly sum up our agency, we hope the results speak for themselves.










If you would like to find out more about our modular system please call 0207 870 3210 or alternatively visit our website at or our sister site  at

Alistair Watson – The Halo Group, Co-Founder & Marketing Director


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