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    Set Construction

    Tomb Raider Escape
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Set Construction

Tomb Raider Escape

To celebrate the release of the action-adventure epic TOMB RAIDER, Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures created TOMB RAIDER: ESCAPE – a fantastic journey into the unknown that transported participants into the film’s incredible world. The Halo Group provided set construction services to the client in this exciting first of its kind activation, which saw a 30-minute, multi-room experience set through a series of immersive environments inspired the by the film and featuring key props on loan from the production. With all the excitement of Hollywood, this amazing project really captured the imagination of those lucky enough to join the Warner Bros and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer team on location. The project also highlighted many of The Halo Group's core products and services.

TOMB RAIDER: ESCAPE was created in consultation with the TOMB RAIDER filmmakers, including production designer Gary Freeman and his team. The Escape Room’s location, set in part of London's famous Truman Brewery spanned three floors and was spread across 1500 square feet. The space featured over 50 props from the film itself as well as a range of additional dressing features incorporated by The Halo Group's in-house production team. The Escape Room combined ancient puzzles and the latest Google technology with challenging physical obstacles, immersive theatre, and cutting-edge sound, lighting and special effects – all culminating in an explosive, adrenaline-pumping truly unforgettable finale. The Halo Group partnered on this set construction project and were granted exclusive access to the official Tomb Raider movie set to source production items from the film, which were incorporated into our wider design of the space.

Halo services provided...


The Brief

Our brief was to design and build a multi-storey structure to house the experience. The solution needed to be able to support large and heavy props and other set construction features from the movie. With the highest room standing at over 6 metres in height, our client required a modular bespoke structure to function as a temporary film set for the duration of the campaign. The structure also needed to be built inside the Truman Brewery so a key part of the brief required a modular structural solution which could be built in a very specific layout to follow the theatrical journey required. Very few temporary structures offer this flexibility and traditional set construction techniques lack some of the functionality required to achieve all of this projects ambitions. The Halo Group was commissioned to provide answers to each of these requirements.

As well as designing and building the structure itself The Halo Group was also tasked with cladding the structure and installing all of the scenic elements borrowed from the film studio. Our creative team then added to the space with further scenic work and creative production features to accentuate the set. Utilising many of our specialists set construction services this exciting project really pushed the boundaries of film launches and premiers to new levels.


The Solution

To achieve the end result we used our unique modular steel frame system to create the temporary structure and to support the props and production elements used across the project. Our system is made up of lightweight RSJ beams and specialist connector components and can be built by hand in any configuration no matter how complex our clients set construction requirements may be.

Our system is a ground breaking alternative to traditional light gauge tubular structures, heavy gauge structures, truss, scaffolding and other scenic construction products available on the market. We can also design and fabricate bespoke pieces of stage engineering when required, thus enabling us to offer versatile tailor-made solutions for studios, film sets, theatrical projects and rigging briefs. Heavy production, lighting, camera equipment, and scenic work can be secured direct to all our frames without the need for additional support thus offering many benefits when compared to other options available. Our frames can also be clad in virtually any material, thus allowing our team or 3rd party suppliers maximum flexibility during the production process. As an agency, we understand both creativity and engineering in equal measures. This understanding underpins all our projects and we understand how to achieve our clients designs no matter how complex. Equally, for clients looking for inspiration our in-house digital design team are able to offer anything from simple inspiration to architectural schematics, technical drawings, creative designs and floor plans. Our team work in Auto CAD, SketchUp, Cinema 4D, VectorWorks and Photoshop and through the understanding they have of our steel frame system, we are able to offer bespoke solutions for almost any design brief.

During the TOMB RAIDER: ESCAPE project, we constructed our multi-storey structure design before fitting it out with studwork and ply cladding to create a blank canvas to work with. Each of the props borrowed from the production were then attached to our cladding by our installation team before being further embellished by our creative production team. The final part of the installation saw a Zip Line secured to our frame which would feature in the final scene, where participants endured a dramatic finale to their Hollywood experience.

For more information on our modular steel frame system or any of our set construction products or services, contact Alistair Watson at or attentively call our offices on 0207 870 3210. For demonstrations of any of our products please feel free to outline your project requirements and a member of our team will be happy to discuss how we can best assist you on your project.