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    Backyard Cinema

    Set Design
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Backyard Cinema

Set Design

The Halo Group is the proud production partner to Backyard Cinema, one of Londons leading immersive pop-up cinemas. Each season we create a brand new set design for the organisers inspired by the silver screen. The project is one of our favourite events in our annual calendar.

During the festive season, Backyard Cinema wanted to create a fitting theme entitled "The Winter Night Garden". Loosely inspired by films such as Narnia our creative production team created a set design that promised to amaze and amuse those lucky enough to get tickets to the series.

Halo services provided...

  • Venue Styling
  • Creative Set Build
  • Creative Lighting
  • Scenic Painting
  • Production Services
  • Bespoke Assest Fabrication

The Brief

Our brief was to create an immersive experience for cinema goers. Our client also wanted to incorporate a journey into our concept where guests would embark on a mini-adventure, just to get to their designated seats in the main auditorium. As this was the clients first theme in this series, our brief also included the development of Backyard Cinemas' brand identity to help reinforce their reputation within this highly competitive market.


The Solution

To achieve the end result, a series of bespoke signs were created by our in-house production team to help create a distinct brand identity. The intention was to use these assets across all future themed events. These helped tie our production together in a cohesive design. To style the space, we created a entrance fascia modelled on a Narnia style wardrobe. This is where the journey began! As guests stepped through the wardrobe they discovered an enchanted walkway featuring interwoven twisted willow, winter foliage and twinkling fairy lights. Once inside the screening room, our production team continued the theme by creating a backdrop which framed the screen along with additional dressing throughout the space.