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Backyard Cinema


The Halo Group is the proud production partner to Backyard Cinema, London's favourite themed pop-up cinema series. Each season we work on a different set dressing brief with the organisers to create an immersive, quirky and fun event design for their loyal band of film followers.

Every season, Backyard Cinema sells out, and fast. Guests have come to expect more and more in terms of creative production and set dressing at their events so it's a real pleasure to collaborate with their team. For this season's theme the organisers chose the title "Hollywood"

Halo services provided...

  • Venue Styling
  • Creative Set Build
  • Creative Lighting
  • Scenic Painting
  • Production Services
  • Bespoke Assest Fabrication

The Brief

Our brief was to create the set. Our chosen creative direction took inspiration from vintage and retro cinema. As always, Backyard Cinema wanted to create an immersive experience so our task was to take guests on an exciting journey with all the drama of the silver screen. key production areas needed to include styling the foyer, building an entrance fascia and styling the main screening room and auditorium.


The Solution

To achieve the end result, our production team sourced a range of different retro props including directors chairs, film reels, vintage cameras, old film scripts, storyboards and more. As guests arrived they were greeted by our specially constructed movie theatre billboard fascia which displayed the film being shown on the day. As guests stepped through the doors, they were led through a hidden walkway where the walls were adorned with more classic memorabilia. Inside the main auditorium, we continued with our 1930s Art Deco theme with classic decorative detailing in line with the era. Using a mixture of scenic techniques, creative production and props, the main screening room felt like you were stepping back in time for the night, much to the cinema goers delight!