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    TV / Film Temporary Warehouses

    Structures for TV / Film Production
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TV / Film Temporary Warehouses

Structures for TV / Film Production

Space on set is in high demand. New social distancing measures have put even more pressure on the TV and Film industry to create the additional space in studio and on location to accommodate the new rules.

Whether its storage, catering or workshop space required, The Halo Group is perfectly positioned to meet these needs with our modular steel structure and expansive experience in temporary structure construction.

Halo temporary warehouses and mezzanines give the flexibility of a temporary building and with the structural integrity of a permanent one. Initially developed for the events industry the whole system can be built and de-rigged quickly, efficiently and safely, without the need for heavy machinery.

The adaptable levelling system allows it to be built on any ground with non-invasive foundations. A variety of cladding options for both interior & exterior to give a fully insulated and secure finished unit. The system enables clients to create additional capacity through platforms and mezzanines. What differentiates the Halo structure is the high loading capacity and the rigging points that can be utlised throughout.


The Brief

Design an insulated and secure warehouse structure for 6 month on location filming. The structure will be utilised as a workshop, it must have with additional storage solutions and will require rigging throughout.


The Solution

Halo’s double story, 10x10m temporary warehouse structure. Clad with industry standard 60mm insulated panels and full-size roller shutters using our unique clamping system. Push fire doors and internal mezzanine floor. Lease of 6 months, with a 5 day install with a 3 day de-rig.

Other options are available:
Single story 5x5m+
Double story 10x10m+
Structures available in standard size increments of 2500mm
Bespoke structures available in sizes of 500mm increments

Standard options include:
Roller shutters
Push fire doors (double/single)
Glazed window panels (full height)
Mezzanine floors suitable for persons or storage
Full size staircases
Mobile warehouse steps
Lease from 1 week – 12 months+
Full structural calculations, including internal rigging point specification.

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