September 24, 2012

It was during my weekly creative round ups that I happened to stumble upon this unique piece of art that you see above. The concept took me a back as taking a closer look it revealed to me the material used to produce the art was in fact Rubik’s Cubes.

Pete Fecteau used over 4,000 Rubik’s Cubes to create this 18′ 6″ x 9′ 8″ mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King, ‘I have a puzzled dream”. Apparently Rubik’s-based artwork is a “thing.” There’s even a name for the genre: Rubikcubism.



Rubikcubism is an early 21st century movement in fine art that uses Rubik’s cubes to create pieces of art. This movement is believed to originate from a French artist known as Invader, who began using the cubes to sculpt enlarged space invaders (see below).



The movement has developed overtime with some truly inspirational and more  extravagant pieces showing up in a range of locations. Cast an eye at the images below and see if you can figure out which iconic figures have been represented by this mazing art movement… enjoy!!




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