Scenic Construction – Tomb Raider: Escape

March 9, 2018

The Halo Group provides specialist scenic construction products and services for film, theatrical, stage and experiential productions. In 2018 we partnered on Tomb Raider: Escape for WARNER BROS. PICTURES AND METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER PICTURES. 

To celebrate the March 16th release of the action-adventure epic TOMB RAIDER, Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures invited celebrities and the general public to TOMB RAIDER: ESCAPE  where they were able to discover their inner-Lara Croft and uncover the mysterious Tomb of the Mother of Death. The 30-minute, multi-room experience and its immersive environments are inspired by the film and feature key props and elements on loan from the production. The concept combines ancient puzzles and the latest Google technology with physical obstacles, immersive theatre, and cutting-edge sound, lighting and special effects.

Join us as we take a look behind the scenes, admire the finished result and watch the action as it unfolds.

Photo Credit: HawtCelebs

Scenic Construction – Behind the Scenes

The Halo Group was granted exclusive access to the studios where the film was made to source authentic props from the movie, which were then modified and incorporated into our wider design of the space. We designed, built and installed all 3 sets featured. To house the experience, The Halo Group built a 2 storey-temporary structure inside a warehouse in East London.

Our unique modular frame system offered a solution to answer the brief. Designed in-house, our digital team created a bespoke film studio to map out the journey players would take during the Tomb Raider: Escape experience.

On set, first we erected a skeletal frame using lightweight RSJ beams to support the cladding and production features.

Timber frames, studwork and flats were then used to achieve a blank canvas. Our system is quick and easy to clad with any material thus allowing our team to work to a tight production schedule.

Once the timber frames were complete, our scenic construction team incorporated the modified props on loan from the production before applying a wide range of scenic finishes in line with our designs.

Sound, lighting, cameras, and AV equipment were then affixed directly to our frames to complete the set build.

Tomb Raider: Escape – The Experience

The story begins in a dark basement room in Croft Manor crammed with obscure objects, maps, research papers and books on ancient artefacts. Here players meet Winston Smith, the steward of the manor who explains they must break into Lara’s father’s safe to gain possession of his secret note book. This is the first of the challenges players must solve to progress to the next room.

Photo Credit: Jon Attenborough

Once they have solved the first challenge players enter an ancient building featuring stone faces along its walls depicting the slow decay of The Mother of Death! Here they must free Lara who has become trapped in the next chamber and gain access to the Tomb by solving another puzzle using the note book. The space features an eerie chasm filled with the bones of previous explorers who have not been so lucky. Players must negotiate across the perilous drop before undertaking their next challenge.

Photo Credit: Jon Attenborough

Once Lara has been freed players gain access to The Tomb of the Mother Of death – an incredibly ornate catacomb complete with sarcophagus, ancient statues and mystic artefacts. A deafening rumble can be heard as the tomb starts to disintegrate. The only way out is a small door but first players must use the note book to figure out how to open it. Under-pressure, Lara shouts instructions to help, but time is running out….slowly smoke starts to pour out from under the sarcophagus. Successful players manage to solve the puzzle and escape using a small ladder.

Set Construction

Photo Credit: Jon Attenborough

In true Hollywood style, the climactic scene sees players clipped to a zip wire before swinging down through dramatic bursts of fire and a cacophony of noise. The World has been saved and the Tomb is closed forever!

Photo Credit: Jon Attenborough

Tomb Raider: Escape is an exciting adrenaline fulled cinematic experience aimed at creating high quality, sharable content. Filming is captured in a dynamic and structured format. Users are led to pre-planned shots and angles to create a mini movie staring you as the hero. For those not lucky enough to experience Tomb Raider: Escape you can also pit your whits online here.

This first of its kind experience has pushed the boundaries of what to expect from film premiers and has been widely covered throughout the press in TimeOut, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, NME, Good Morning Britain and all Bauer Media Radio stations to name a few. Watch celebrity presenters Melissa Nathoo and James Sloan take on the challenge here:

Tomb Raider is released on March 16th. You can also watch the Warner Bros. Trailer to find out what all the excitement is about below.







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