Set Design – BBC Glastonbury

June 26, 2014

As another successful Glastonbury festival rolls by, The Halo Group was lucky enough to be there for every ray of sunshine, every drop of rain and every rendition of Jolene. Below is our account of our most recent set design for BBC Music.

The BBC MUSIC backstage teepee was a real focal point for much the their coverage at this year’s festival and the designs the Halo Live team put together for the worlds greatest festival were truly captivating. The installation formed the focal point for all the BBC’s interviews, and hosted a range of exciting acoustic and live performances from some of the festivals biggest bookings. Prefabricated over two days, on Wednesday the 24th of June 2014 the Halo Live production team began lovingly crafting the finished product on location behind the world famous pyramid stage.


Housed in a double Teepee tent, our team added floral detail to the exterior to soften the look and heighten the aesthetics of the design. This process added bursts of colour and different textures that ensured the structure stood out on site and on camera.


Inside the structure, further embellishments were added such as oversized pendant lightbulbs, wicker and ivy hanging wreaths and shabby chic furniture – giving the interview area a much more conformable feel.



The main focus however, was always going to be the acoustic stage. As with so many of our builds, at this years Glastonbury we have placed great emphasis on using reclaimed and recycled materials. Our production team sourced mismatched windows and frames to create a striking and beautiful backdrop. Dressed with live foliage and backlit coloured jells it quickly became one of the iconic images of this years Glastonbury through the BBC’s online coverage.



The BBC MUSIC TEEPEE had an amazing response from everyone that saw it and as word spread it became a destination area for both artists and interviewers.

On camera the stage really came to life and was used during the whole weekend, we were lucky enough to see some really iconic live acoustic performances, all of which can be viewed following the links below.






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