Stretched to new heights…

February 27, 2012


Our Halo LIVE team have been busy developing a brand new structure for the outdoor events arena. Locked away at The Halo Groups top secret test build site they have been working with our good friends at Intent Marquees and combined our revolutionary structure with their largest stretch canopy to create a viewing platform unlike any other.


The test build was huge, with a finished footprint of 40m by 22m (including guy ropes) but the possibilities are almost endless. We built a 5m by 20m viewing platform (capable of supporting up to 60 people with one staircase or up to 120 with two) and added a 15m by 25m Intent stretch canopy which created almost 200m2 ground floor to play with, all underneath the canopy. Below is a mock up of the test build:


And here is another variation, by adding two 5m by 5m pop ups we can create two terraces which would stick out from under the canopy for all of the UK events that are lucky enough to have sunshine:


Now as these are just test builds we haven’t added any or our production or shown the work our creative team would do to the ground floor to turn it into a useable space. But by adding stud walls, a decked ground floor and some creative branding the stretch canopy viewing platform could be at home almost anywhere, from a sideline at the races to a backstage VIP area near you.




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