Temporary Venue- Circus Space

November 22, 2013

Our brief from Circus Space was to build a temporary venue on the roof of their Hoxton offices that would be in situ for 3 weeks.


To create the structure we built 5mx10m steel frame and clad it with feather edged wood to give it  an real potting shed  feel and appearance. The project was built over night in complete secrecy, all Circus Space students and staff where oblivious to its erection so as to be a genuine surprise to all who experienced it over the coming weeks. We used a specialist lift to transport all our structure steel, production and props on to the roof.



Our art team painted it to give it an “exposed to the elements” style finish, giving it true autheticity. Multiple layers of paint and different techniques were then adopted to obtain the end effect. We used a selection of reclaimed materials  to add further character to the windows, doors and other  fine details.


Aesthetically, their vision was to create a facia that looked like a ‘potting shed’, whilst inside housing a state of the art meeting room facility. As guests walked inside the door, initially nothing seemed out of the ordinary with wooden furniture, ceramic pots, jars, crates of fresh seasonal vegetables, gnomes, wellies, and garden tools dotted around the space. Fresh flowers and lavender filled the air with beautiful scents, further enhancing the experience.

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The second part to the structure was a complete contrast, accessed by a hidden door in the corner of the shed a meeting room was created, a place for Circus Space attendees and guests to chat about their ambitions and goals along with the new direction of the business.  The aesthetics of the room were designed to be clean cut highlighted by our own purpose built furniture and giant Perspex meeting room tables displaying various circus items used everyday within the space. the pop up was an out and out success…


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