Lockdown Bakehouse Wandsworth Terrace Structure

Lockdown Bakehouse

Temporary Structure


Since lockdown, we have had the pleasure of Lockdown Bakehouse becoming our neighbours. If you haven’t visited them you are missing out on extremely good coffee, bread, cakes and pies to name but a few of the delights they create each night.

This winter they wanted to maximise the space on their driveway.   They currently has in place a temporary white tent which although it had been a good temporary solution didn’t look like it would make it through the winter.  The surface was uneven so they weren’t able to capitalise on all the space with tables and chairs.


We designed a terrace structure attached to the existing building, with a level deck throughout.  This allowed them to double the amount of covers they could take in one sitting.  We added a breakfast bar across the front of the terrace which also allowed a space for branding so Lockdown can be clearly see from the cross roads of main street running through Wandsworth Town.

Clear roller blinds were fitted to keep the cold out in the winter and to allow the terrace to be fully open in the warmer months.   This might be one of our smallest projects but one of our proudest as it plays such a big part in the local community.

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