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Nestled in the bustling heart of London’s Fitzrovia, The Mandrake epitomises luxury hospitality, meticulously crafting every detail to offer guests an unparalleled experience. When presented with the opportunity to design and construct a fully demountable structure for The Mandrake’s Jurema Winter Garden, we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, eager to contribute to such a prestigious establishment. Our mission was clear: seamlessly integrate the new structure into its surroundings while upholding the hotel’s esteemed reputation for sophistication and elegance.


The brief presented three immediate challenges. Firstly, access posed a logistical hurdle, with the only access to the first floor being via a narrow staircase. Secondly, we had to adhere to a strict timeframe for construction to avoid disrupting the hotel and restaurant operations. Lastly, we needed to ensure that the structure’s weight loading was compatible with the existing flooring.

Collaborating closely with The Mandrake’s architect team, we devised a solution—a fully demountable structure measuring 4.5 meters by 9 meters, featuring a glazed apex roof and glass panels on two sides. The glazed elements not only provided a cozy retreat during colder months but also offered uninterrupted views of Jurema’s captivating hanging garden.

To address the logistical challenges, every component was engineered to be lightweight and easily manoeuvrable by hand, eliminating the need for heavy machinery during installation. The design was carefully crafted to distribute the load-bearing evenly across the existing floor, ensuring minimal impact and no damage upon removal during the summer months. The entire construction process was completed within a week, with the final touches handled by The Mandrake’s team.

The culmination of our efforts is the enchanting Jurema Winter Garden—a magical haven that captivates guests with its charm and beauty. Its seamless integration into The Mandrake’s ambiance elevates the overall guest experience, reinforcing the hotel’s commitment to luxury and excellence.

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