Multi-Function Temporary Buildings

Our buildings have the flexibility of a temporary building with the structural integrity of a permanent one.  Create secure units, add levels and increase capacity with mezzanines.   We designed the beams with high loading rigging points throughout to rig lighting and equipment.

The adaptable levelling system allow us to go to ground at a variety of sites.  Adding a deck can give you the option to add a finished floor, or keep it at ground level to give access for plant and vehicles.

Crew Catering Design
Temporary Warehouse Design


Mezzanines are a simple way to increase your capacity and floor space.  Whether thats making more use of your existing space or adding a mezzanine to a temporary building.  Free up more space downstairs by moving moving storage or other functions to mezzanine level.

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  • Modular design to meet your requirements
  • Secure lockable insulated buildings
  • Adaptable levelling system build on any site
  • High weight loading capacity of decks and mezzanine
  • Rigging points throughout the structure
  • Reusable, de-rig and rebuild in a different location