5 Top Tips For Creative Temporary Event Structures

November 10, 2016

It’s the holy grail of marketing. How do you get your brand to stand out from the crowd in today’s highly competitive market place? This is a question many of our clients ask us when planning their activations on the festival circuit. In this week’s blog we reveal our 5 insider tips to optimise your festival activation strategy using creative temporary event structures. 

Create a Destination

The UK festival market is burgeoning. With so many festivals on offer, there is something for every taste and purse. Festival sponsorship however has seen mixed results with millennials. This generation is known to be staunchly averse to advertising so to get through to this demographic you really need to create experiences that stand out from the crowd. One succesfull strategy is investing in creative structures so your brand stands out from the crowd. With so many standard big-tops and corporate branded festival activations still cluttering the landscape, doing something more creative with your temporary event structures can really make the difference. If you can create a buzz about your activation, it can quickly become a favourite destination amongst festival goers. Coupled with great musical programming, entertainment or well conceived give-aways, once you have gained this kind reputation you are far more likely to get the ROI you set out for.


Think Outside the Box

Today’s festival consumer has seen it all. If you really want to make an impact you need to think outside the box. Creating interesting temporary structure designs for your brand activation is the key. The Halo Group owns a unique modular build system that allows us to think big, bold and outside of the box free from the constraints of traditional systems such as marquees and festival tents. In simple terms, the versatility our system allows in terms of cladding and finish is unparalleled. To our art team, it is a blank canvas for expression where they can create detailed scenic effects to help brands achieve a genuine point of difference.



Gain Height

When it comes to festivals, size matters. It might sound like stating the obvious but literally standing head and shoulders above the crowd can make a big difference to your brand activation. People love to gain the ideal vantage point or view at a festival, whether that be from the VIP area, over the main stage or simply to survey the festival. Incorporating a mezzanine level  into the design of your sponsored area is a sure fire way to attract festival goers to your plot.


Think Modular / Think Scaleable

For multi event festival tours it’s important to think modular when it comes to your temporary event structures. Any manner of restrictions can apply when operating on multiple sites such as the size of the footprint available, budget, height restrictions and even the location of underground utilities around your plot. If you have spent time and money devising the ultimate creative direction for your campaign, only to find it will only be possible on 3 of the 5 sites sites you are activating, it can cause issues. By opting for a modular solution much of this can be overcome. Well conceived production elements can be used in their entirety on the largest projects or partially used when scaling back giving your brand continuity across all events. The same applies for festival owners and event organisers who have multiple temporary structure requirements in their site design, each of which requires a different solution or has a different purpose.


Use Technology

In a world of experiential marketing, social media and the technology savvy millennial generation, marketers are increasingly looking for ways to build meaningful connections with the consumer. Brand Building in the digital age has vastly increased the number of participants and the speed of interaction with content however, brands who have tried to market through these channels have seen their efforts being hit and miss historically. Although  best practice festival activations may successfully harness social media, RFID (radio frequency identification), NFC (near field communication) or many of the other innovations available to the events market, few trends are making a bigger impact than VR & AR (virtual reality & augmented reality). These technologies will become commonplace in the immediate future and brands looking to stand out from the crowd will need to embrace technology in ever more inventive ways to stay ahead of the pack. By incorporating new technologies into the design of your temporary event structures you are certain to create positive experiences that stand out from the crowd.


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