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February 17, 2017

The Halo Group specialises in designing and building innovative exhibition stands. This week’s blog highlights some of our favourite Exhibition Stand Designers and designs from around.

Innovative Exhibition Stands by Nuria Mora

When it comes to innovative exhibition stands there are many great suppliers, companies and Exhibition Stand Designers in the market, delivering superb results to global companies, but the ones that really catch our attention have a thread of artistic flair, creativity and craftsmanship running through them. The design below by Nuria Mora really stands out for us. Geometric shapes combined with vivid colours have been used for dramatic effect in this stunning installation.

Image Credit: Nuria Mora

Exhibition Stand Designers

Nuria Mora Installation

Everyday Materials Used in an Innovative Way

Of course, it’s not just exhibition stands that can be styled beautifully, venues can too. This installation at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair by Saksi and Swedish architect Gert Wingardh was created from 1120 stacks of A4-size paper suspended from the ceiling. It’s a truly breathtaking design using everyday materials for incredible effect – thus bringing the whole space to life.

Image Credit: Architect News

Exhibition Stand Designers

Saksi and Swedish architect Gert Wingardh

 Luxury Brands Pavilions

Few exhibitions and trade shows rival Basel World. Luxury brand exhibitors and their exhibition stand designers create some of the most breathtaking stand and pavilion designs on the planet. The Bvlgari pavilion pictured is an incredible example of world class design. The choice of premium build materials simply oozes excess and opulence.

Image Credit: Bvlgari

Exhibition Stand Designers

Bvlgari Pavilion

Image Credit: Hermes 

The Hermes pavilion with its intricate wooden lattice cladding boasts incredible levels craftsmanship and creativity. The impact of a design of this calibre is truly first class.

Exhibition Stand Designers

Hermes Pavilion

The Rolex pavilion in a similar vein has the same level of craftsmanship and also boasts premium materials but it was the sheer scale of the build that impressed us the most. Basel World continues to be a source of inspiration for our production team to this day.

Image Credit: Rolex 

Exhibition Stand Designers

Rolex Pavilion

Luxury Brand Exhibition Stands

Image Credit: Audi 

Audi is another big player in the expo world. For example, the car manufacturer is renowned for its innovative exhibition stands at CES. This striking design really makes a statement and comes with a high degree of creativity. It’s a dazzling showstopper with its metallic detailing and is beautifully constructed. Audi’s exhibition stand designers know how to stand out from the crowd.

Exhibition Stand Designers

Audio Exhibition Stand

Art Installations

Milan Design Week is a place where the lines are blurred between exhibition stand designers and artists and is one of the most innovative shows in the world.  Wolfgang Buttress’ Hive is a great example.

According to Wolfgang Buttress’ website “The Hive consists of 32 horizontal stacked layers of hexagonal geometry creating an abstracted analogue of a honeycomb. A rotational twist in the aluminium structure introduces movement, suggestive of a swarm. The form is a 14m cube raised-up on columns, appearing almost to hover, a spherical void hollowed from the centre, allows visitors to enter. Walking beneath the sculpture, visitors may peer up through the glass floor into the interior.

Accelerometers (vibration sensors) are used to measure the activity of a real bee colony in the UK, feeding real-time signals to a 1000 RGBW LED light array inside the spherical void. Algorithms are used to convert the bee colony vibrations into lighting effects. Each light is individually – addressable allowing for the Hive to pulse and glow in response to the signals it receives, so acting as a visual representation of bee activity. This unison of light and sound brings together art and science, through the research methods of Dr. Martin Bencsik and the vision of Wolfgang Buttress. The pavilion explores the life of the bee colony through an immersive multi-sensory experience”

Image Credit: Wolfgang Buttress 

Exhibition Stand Designers

Wolfgang Buttress Beehive

Thinking Outside the Box (or inside)

Size of course isn’t everything. Take Lee Broom’s SALONE DEL AUTOMOBILE’ concept from Milan Design Week 2016. With so many world class exhibition stand designers on show at Milan Design Week jostling for position, how do you ensure you make an impact? This highly creative idea saw Lee transform one of his delivery vans into a truly innovative exhibition stand. Styled on “a dramatic surreal recreation of a traditional Italian palazzo” the installation showcased his new lighting range ‘Optical’. It’s a truly brilliant and original idea worthy of note.

Image Credit: Lee Broom 

Exhibition Stand Designers

Lee Broom Product Showcase

The Halo Group – Exhibition Stand Designers

Exhibition Stand Designers

Playstation Exhibition Structure

Exhibition Stand Designers

Playstation Temporary Exhibition Venue

Exhibition Stand Designers

Playstation Gaming Expo

The Halo Group are specialist exhibition stand designers. Our temporary event structures are renowned within the industry for their versatility and can be used for shell scheme upgrades, space only stands, pavilions and event or venue infrastructure. In 2018 we created a temporary exhibition hall inside an east London venue which saw the design and construction of a mezzanine structure to showcase Playstation’s newest releases. Our client FRUKT required a solution to create a two storey event space which needed to be split up into individual zones to promote each game title. The Halo Group’s temporary structure system offered the ideal response to the brief. Made up of lightweight RSJ beams and connectors our system can be build to any size, layout or dimension and can be easily built over multiple levels without the need for heavy plant or machinery – thus making it the ideal solution to create a bespoke exhibition venue for the end client. Our frames can also be easily customised and can have virtually any cladding, lighting or production feature affixed directly to our beams thus making it one of the most versatile products on the market. Built in one day, this incredible project is testament to our amazing steel team.

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