With Lost in Brixton we designed a mezzanine over the bin store to open up a whole new area of the market.  Our modular steel structure offers many advantages over traditional construction materials due to its temporary nature, reusability and high load baring capacity. The system is ideal for short, mid and longer term projects where an installation is required for a number of years or where access is restricted as it doesn’t require plant, cranes or heavy equipment for its erection. Its simplicity is ideal for projects like Brixton, where the schedule was tight as it helped reduce build time onsite through many efficiencies. Furthermore, as it can be dismantled, landlords are able to gain exceptionally high value for “meanwhile usage” of their sites.

Kerb Camden Market Food Trader Stands
Tokyo Nights Pop Up


  • Modular design
  • Mezzanines create useable space
  • High weight loading
  • Can be quickly de-rigged
  • Portable components
  • Minimum machinery required
  • Sustainable and reusable materials
  • Variety of branding and cladding options
  • Weatherproofing options available

Commercial Interior Design

Whilst creating temporary event spaces we experimented with a variety of interior finishes and cladding options. From rustic festival structures to the premium finish required for a racecourse hospitality.  This along with our Design and Build experience has taken us to the next level into the field of commercial interior design.  Many of the disciplines are the same such as structural engineering and architectural services, construction and spacial design.  We are proud to have delivered projects such as Bloom in Kensington and Ticketmaster HQ in London.

Bloom Kensington