Another advantage our system has over traditional marquees and other event structures is its versatility and functionality from a production perspective.  Virtually any material, finish or production item can be directly affixed to our frames such as wall panels, cladding, glazing, AV equipment and lighting installations.  We select reusable and durable materials, both from a sustainability stand point and to reduce costs if you reuse later down the line.



The components are lightweight and built predominantly by hand, thus illiminating the need for heavy machinery. Once assembled the system has a high weight loading, we have had cars and parties up on our mezzanines and are able to hang elements such as LED screens without the need for additional support.  With our unique levelling system we can go to ground on a range of surfaces safely.

Mini 60th Anniversary Event structure
Qatar Goodwood Hospitality Structure
Smart Water Brand Activation


  • Modular design
  • Create height with platforms and mezzanines
  • Variety of branding and cladding options
  • Weatherproofing options available
  • Sustainable reusable materials
  • Adjustable levelling system
  • High weight loading
  • Fast to build and de-rig