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    Prop Fabrication
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Vita Coco

Prop Fabrication

The Halo Group are specialist prop designers and fabricators. We were commissioned by Vita Coco to undertake an exciting interactive project as part of the brand's experiential campaign to mark the launch of their new coconut milk product. The project took place outside Canary Wharf station on the 22nd of May 2017.

The project saw the creation of a bespoke interactive vending machine in the form of a giant Vita Coco bottle which dispensed the brand's product when participants turned a hand operated lever. In addition to the bottle itself, The Halo Group also built a large paradise themed backdrop which was also branded with the campaign's messaging.

Halo services provided...

Prop Designers

The Brief

Our brief was to design and build the bottle itself which utilised many of our in-house departments including our design team, creative production team and specialist fabricators as well as a selection of partner suppliers. The mechanism provided the most intricate part of this brief. When manually turning the handle the product needed to rotate on an internal carousel before being dispensed. A separate window panel with a second rotating carousel displayed coconut shells in a fun twist. This crank system also activated sound effects and a spinning coconut weathervane inspired contraption on top of the bottle for added effect.

Prop Making

The Solution

To achieve the end result, a life size bottle was digitally scanned before producing a polystyrene mould using a 3D printer. Using the mould, a fibreglass cast was created to form the body of the bottle. Standing at 2.5m high this impressive bespoke prop was fitted with the internal mechanisms at The Halo Group's workshop before applying the branding. The backdrop was created using a free standing wall which was pre-fabricated and wrapped by our printing partners and finished by our award winning production team on site. The installation took place during an overnight build within a tight 5 hour window.

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