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    Gamers Challenge
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Saatchi & Saatchi - F.R.A.H.N.K

Gamers Challenge

The Halo Group specialises in experiential production. In 2014 we worked in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi on behalf of their client Fridge Raiders in a PR stunt set across 7 weeks.

The campaign was to feature a set-build to house a top secret reveal, which could only be activated via online participants. The challenge was to break seven codes across seven days to find out what was inside! Youtube gamer Ali-A, who has nearly 5M subscribers teamed up with Fridge Raiders as their brand ambassador for the project.

Halo services provided...

Experiential Production

The Brief

Our brief was to build "The Cube" a futuristic box which would provide the focal point of the online campaign. The creative elements of the brief were open to our creative team, so we set about designing a space age object from scratch. A key consideration of the brief was to create a design that looked like it was from another world, to appeal to the gaming audience. The end product needed to feature luminous qualities and glow in the dark to ensure the press shots generated intrigue. The box needed to house a specially created robot / being called F.R.H.A.N.K with whom gamers could interact with, programme and develop online in a interactive ongoing campaign. First they had to crack the code!


The Solution

The Halo Group constructed "The Cube" from wood batten and marine ply before powder coating the unit in jet black. The parts were then mounted on a bespoke steel platform so we could transport the unit to its intended location and easily fork the Cube into position. To achieve the illuminated light design on the front of The Cube and the keypad, we opted to use electro luminescent panels for their distinct vivid properties. Operated remotely, these special effects created stunning animations during the reveal. The space age tree design was created in-house by The Halo Group's design team which was cut into the wood frame on a CNC machine. Fridge Raiders reported excellent ROI from the project which still has a strong online presence today.