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August 9, 2018

The Halo Group created a range of futuristic prop designs for the Backyard Cinema Mission to Mars themed series of screenings. This blog features video footage of our set design in all its glory. 

Sci-fi is one of the most popular film genres today, with the huge success of the Star Wars franchise as a prime example. With the online generation often viewing downloads of their favourite films, Backyard Cinema realised that nothing compares to seeing your favourite movies on the big screen, so they set out to create an immersive cinema experience which offers far more than a trip to your local multiplex.

Prop Designs

Backyard Cinema Mission to Mars

What once started as a homemade project in one of the founder’s garden, Backyard Cinema has grown to be one of London’s most recognised and sought after alternative cinema experiences. Backyard Cinema is now a roaming, theatrical cinema that shows a wide selection of films in a variety of iconic, unusual and immersive locations both indoors and outdoors around London. Often creating a physical world surrounding the movie using in-depth set builds, actors and live music, each show becomes a unique evening out, whilst staying true to its original ethos: somewhere cool you can watch your favourite films with great food, drinks and all your mates.

For Backyard Cinema’s Mission to Mars series the organisers say “Prepare yourself for an out-of-this-world immersive cinematic experience like no other! ‘Mission to Mars’ is set to make your cosmic dreams come true. Voyagers will make their way through intergalactic security before boarding a spacecraft lined with giant bean bags and a space station bar. After a quick jump through hyperspace passengers will get comfy as they are transported to a far away world, where they can enjoy a bespoke cocktail and watch the stars float by from a giant beanbag in the cosmos” Enter The Halo Group…

The Halo Group is the proud production partner to Backyard Cinema. We produce all their prop designs, set construction and venue themes. The following video shows our latest creation for the organisers, a result of which we are incredibly proud of….

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